What Are Advance Directives?

What would happen if you become so severely ill or incapacitated that you are unable to communicate about the medical treatment you do or do not wish to receive? While no one wants to think about being in such a situation, the unexpected can happen at any time, and it is far better to have plann [...]

When should you start Estate Planning?

Many people put off estate planning, thinking that it is something only older people should do when they retire and their kids are grown. But, unfortunately, unexpected tragedy can strike at any age, leaving your loved ones in a terrible situation, unsure of what you would want them to do and whe [...]

How do I Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity in Missouri?

No one likes to pay taxes, but taxes are necessary in order for governments to have the funds needed to provide essential services to the public.  When people commit fraud in an effort to illegally avoid paying their fair share of taxes, it cheats the government of necessary funds and undermines [...]

Guide to Estate Planning in Missouri

Estate planning is something far too many people put off, but this is a mistake. It is far better to handle these matters now, when you are of sound mind and able to do so, to ensure your assets are protected, your family is provided for, and your end-of-life wishes are honored. It is not enough [...]