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How do I Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity in Missouri?

No one likes to pay taxes, but taxes are necessary in order for governments to have the funds needed to provide essential services to the public.  When people commit fraud in an effort to illegally avoid paying their fair share of taxes, it cheats the government of necessary funds and undermines the integrity of the system. For this reason, in Missouri, as in the rest of the United States, there are strict laws in place to combat tax fraud and specific ways to report it if you suspect it is going on.

Who Must Pay Taxes?

In Missouri, both individuals who are residents or earn income in Missouri and businesses that operate in Missouri are required to pay taxes based o [...]

How far back can the IRS go for unfiled taxes

  • July 25, 2022
  • Kelvin Birk
  • Tax Law

We know that if you have ever failed to file a tax return, you may be concerned that the IRS will catch up with you. But how long should this be a genuine concern for you? Common questions our clients ask us include 1) How far back can the IRS go for unfiled taxes? 2) How many years does the IRS go back to collect on unfiled tax returns? 3) Can you go to jail for unfiled taxes?

We answer and thoroughly explain each of these questions and more below.

How Far Back Can the IRS Go for Unfiled Taxes?

We understand that discussing delinquent tax returns can be uncomfortable. The amount of back taxes you can owe may rise significantly after the IRS adds interest a [...]