How to Protect Your Intellectual Property

When you come up with something creative – an idea, invention, logo or slogan, a unique way of doing things or process that you hope to turn into a profitable venture – the last thing you want is for someone else to come along, steal your idea, and develop or market it before you do. Fortunat [...]

Tips and Advice on Estate Planning for Blended Families

When couples get together and blend their families, that often includes children from previous marriages or relationships.  This can bring great joy, but it also can bring conflicts and complications due to the various relationships, obligations, and financial considerations involved. As long as [...]

How Do You Declare a Business Bankruptcy?

Whether due to declining sales, increased business competition, or difficult economic headwinds, unforeseen circumstances can leave business owners struggling with mounting and unmanageable debt. Creditors may be calling, and banks are pressuring you to repay loans. If this sounds like your situa [...]

What is a Discretionary Trust?

Sometimes giving money or assets outright to a beneficiary – such as a child, a grandchild, or a special need loved one – is not ideal for distributing your wealth in an estate plan.

When setting up a trust, using a discretionary trust provides peace of mind because of the protectio [...]