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From startup companies to well-established businesses, Birk Law Firm offers legal guidance and expertise to help manage the many aspects required to keep a business running profitably and in compliance with business law and governmental requirements.

Maintaining a moneymaking business requires its owners to (a) have a solid understanding of where their inherent business risks may lie and (b) implement the strategies to mitigate (or hopefully avoid) the potential negative impact the risks may pose on their business operations and investments.

To stay ahead of the ever-changing business and legal environments, it is often wise to help manage a business by working with an experienced business transactions lawyer with a proven record of success.

Working with the team of legal professionals at Birk Law Firm provides you with an additional layer of protection for your business, as their services include the monitoring of ongoing issues that identify and alleviate emerging risks and liabilities.

Why Choose Birk Law Firm to Manage/Reduce Business Transaction Risk?

Most business transactions require serious commitments that include legal consequences for noncompliance should any party to the contract fail to uphold the terms detailed in the business contract.

Business transactions and deals often have values in excess of hundreds of thousands of dollars. With that much money at stake and the potential to be held legally liable, it is important to have an experienced business transaction lawyer, like Kelvin Birk, to protect the interests of you and your business.

Attorney and CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Kelvin Birk has more than two decades of legal experience and three decades as an accounting professional. Attorney Birk has been a member of the Missouri Society of CPAs since 1989. His combined legal and accounting experience offers his business clients great value and benefits.

How Can Birk Law Firm Help Your Business?

A Business Transactions Attorney Can Protect Your Interests During the Sale or Purchase of a Business

Birk Law Firm has represented numerous individuals and businesses involved in the purchase or sale of a business operation/company. In only one year, we represented . . .

  • The buyer in a $2,400,000 purchase of rental properties
  • The seller of a $1,200,000 retail store
  • The seller of an $800,000 insurance agency.

Additionally, we have represented other clients in a number of smaller transactions. Birk Law Firm has the legal skill and experience to handle all aspects of your business sale or purchase.

Give our Cape Girardeau business transactions attorneys a call at 573-332-8585 for a free consultation today.

A Business Transactions Attorney in Cape Girardeau Can Help Establish the Appropriate Business Structure

Deciding on how to structure your business is among the first but most essential of many business decisions. A business transactions attorney can help evaluate the available business structures. He can help with finding the type of structure that would be most suitable in terms of mitigating the potential tax liabilities and legal risks for the business.

Business transaction lawyers will first evaluate your business objectives in relation to your personal as well as financial specifics.

Listed below are the most commonly used business entities in the modern business landscape:

  • A Sole Proprietorship
  • A Partnership
  • An LLC (Limited Liability Company)
  • A Corporation or S Corporation.

Each entity is designed to fit a different purpose, so each business structure offers unique benefits, although some of these benefits do overlap.

As a businessman, Certified Public Accountant, and attorney, Kelvin Birk possesses the knowledge that often impacts the most important aspects of a business transaction.

The team of legal professionals at the Birk Law Firm also has the experience to manage business transactions by more unusual types of businesses, like:

  • Closely held companies
  • Farm successions
  • Fictitious Name – Doing Business As (DBA) registration
  • Nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations

An attorney that specializes in business transactions has the opportunity to mitigate risk and liability by reviewing business-related contracts and agreements that are related to:

  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts
  • Human resources documents
  • Company policy handbooks
  • Tax obligations
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Articles of incorporation or organization
  • Operating agreements
  • Business transactions
  • Shareholder or partner disputes
  • Business succession
  • Corporate or LLC dissolution or winding-up.

Business Transaction Lawyers are Essential Resource for a Business that Wants/Needs to Raise Capital

Attorneys who specialize in business often have great resources and networks for those businesses that want or need to raise capital.

This is valuable for startup businesses that require seed money or startup financing just to begin. Up-and-running businesses choose to raise funds if they plan to expand the business, product lines, etc.

A Business Transaction Lawyer Can Ensure Negotiations for Your Business are Legal & in Your Best Interests

Business decisions usually involve executing a written agreement or contract –with serious financial and legal consequences should either party fail to honor their obligations as detailed in the contract/agreement.

A business transaction lawyer possesses the legal skills and knowledge to perform the following tasks:

  • Review and negotiate contracts or agreements required to establish requirements with vendors
  • Manage B2B operations
  • Develop product information to meet government regulations (if applicable).

Much of this transactional paperwork, which is primarily financial, typically references provisions and covenants that might be concepts outside the business owner’s wheelhouse.

With appropriate representation by a knowledgeable business law firm, you can remain confident that a trained legal and accounting professional will review the terms and, when necessary, negotiate questionable obligations or demands – before you sign the contract – making a firm legal commitment.

A Business Transaction Lawyer Protects the Business from Future Compliance Violations

Businesses (as well as consumers) are required to act and make reasonable choices within society’s legal framework or be prepared to face the consequences of their actions/inactions that violate state and federal laws.

A Business Transaction Attorney Can Assist with Dispute Resolution Issues

As a business owner, it would be unrealistic to think that you can always avoid legal disputes with vendors, regulators, customers, and even with competing businesses as a regular part of daily operations.

Disputes have the potential to financially impact the company, although the effect depends on the situation. Having an expert business transaction attorney to professionally guide you through disputes is quite valuable.

Through their experience, a business transaction lawyer in Cape Girardeau can help make sure that when you make a legal commitment you are protected and agreeing to a fairly negotiated agreement.

Consider how much time a business transaction attorney can free up for you to focus on the aspects of building your business.

A Business Transaction Attorney Can Help Protect You from Litigation

A business is typically subject to some form of risk or liability. While some of these risks can be reduced by buying specific insurance policies, there are times when a business attorney is required.

While an owner shouldn’t operate a business from a place of fear, they also cannot overlook potential risks and pretend or hope that the existing vulnerability will magically disappear.

Call a Leading Business Transactions Attorney in Cape Girardeau Today

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You can count on our business-trained legal professionals for strong legal counsel, from negotiations to settlement to trial if necessary.

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FAQs About Business Transactions

Are Businesses Subject to More Regulation and Compliance Oversight Than Consumers?

Yes. This enhanced regulatory compliance is typically put in place to help ensure the safety of workers as well as the public.

What Type of Network Would a Business Transaction Attorney Have that Could Be Helpful to a Business Owner?

An experienced business attorney’s network includes a well-researched and vetted list of lenders, venture capitalists, and other innovative investors who are in the market for a new idea or a business/investment opportunity.

How Else Can a Cape Girardeau Business Transaction Lawyer Benefit My Business?

A business transaction attorney will also help provide your Missouri-based business with the credibility required to raise capital should your credit history not meet lending guidelines.

What are the Educational and Professional Requirements to Become a Certified Public Accountant?

Each candidate is required to successfully pass the Uniform CPA Examination to qualify for their Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certificate and license to practice public accounting.

While the CPA exam is the same nationally, every state/jurisdiction sets the requirements that CPAs must meet for that specific jurisdiction.


Why Choose Birk Law?

Birk Law Firm is a small firm by choice that is big on client services. Attorney Kelvin Birk and his team are responsive to their clients’ needs. When we sign on as your law firm, you can count on us for strong legal counsel, from negotiations to settlement to trial.

Cape Girardeau Law Firm Kelvin BirkOur clients benefit from the intertwining of Kelvin Birk’s legal and CPA background and experience. We provide well-rounded advice to solve both legal and financial issues and to come up with creative solutions. We use modern technology to deliver legal services in a more efficient and client-focused manner than was previously possible.

We provide personalized and compassionate service. We believe that each client’s matter is the most important matter in the world to them, and we strive to treat it that way.


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