A skilled and experienced Cape Girardeau contract lawyer is a valuable asset to any business. Not only can an attorney craft contracts that benefit and protect your company, but he can also review contracts from other entities before you sign them, potentially saving you headaches and financial liability down the road. The purpose of crafting a contract is to create as many benefits and as little legal exposure as possible for your company when entering into an agreement for services, products, or professional collaboration. Some different kinds of business contracts include:

  • Bills of sale
  • Nondisclosure agreements
  • Real estate purchase agreements
  • Commercial lease contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Noncompete/non-solicitation agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Warranties or limited warranties
  • Contracts to buy/sell a company.

If you’re in need of legal services to draft, review or litigate business contracts, Birk Law Firm offers comprehensive legal advice and services. Call us at 573-332-8585.

A Contract Attorney with Financial Knowledge

Attorney Kelvin Birk is not only a lawyer, but he is also a certified public accountant (CPA). That means you get two professionals in one – a keen legal mind and a sharp financial analyst. With his deep knowledge of the law, finance, and business, he is uniquely positioned to craft contracts that leverage your financial position while protecting your legal liability.

At Birk Law Firm, our Cape Girardeau contract attorney can advise you on what contracts you need for your business situation, and he can make sure all contracts are well-crafted, legally binding, and enforceable. We can review your existing documents and revise them, if necessary, to comply with Missouri law. If the contract is breached by the other party, our attorneys will be there to litigate your position in court. You can learn more about Kelvin Birk Law by reading his attorney bio. You can also read our client testimonials to find out what our highly satisfied clients say about our legal services.

Different Types of Business Contracts

Our Cape Girardeau contract attorneys are adept in many areas of the law.

Following are some examples of the most common business contracts you may need and why they are important:

  • Employment contracts and agreements for employees and independent contractors. Contracts should include confidentiality, non-disclosure, and non-compete agreements. This can prevent problems such as having disgruntled employees leave your business and steal customers or clients or go to work for themselves or your competitors. Be aware that the IRS uses three factors to determine whether a worker is an employee or independent contractor, based on your business relationship and whether you control what the worker is doing and how the worker is paid.
  • Lease agreements that clearly state landlord/tenant rights and responsibilities. If it is not in writing, the landlord may claim it is not their responsibility to fix problems or deal with issues.
  • Real estate purchase/sale agreements that ensure a fair market price while protecting your company from liens, undisclosed liabilities, and other unforeseen obstacles.
  • Partnership, franchisee, and ownership agreements. In all agreements and documents, rights and duties need to be clearly enumerated to prevent situations such as being unable to get a fair settlement when buying out or selling to your business partner.
  • Insurance agreements and contracts that state premiums, requirements, and the conditions under which payments will or will not be made, especially in cases like a car accident injury. These contracts are important as insurance companies often attempt to deny claims or minimize payouts. Therefore, your contract must clearly outline what you are entitled to in order to ensure proper coverage and compensation.

Whether your business needs one or more of these typical contracts or a more highly specialized contract, our attorneys can craft and/or review the documents to make sure your goals are achieved and your business is protected.

Services a Cape Girardeau Contract Lawyer Can Provide

An experienced contract law attorney can both interpret and litigate existing contracts for your company, as well as draft new contracts, review contracts before you sign them, and pursue breach of contract claims.

Contract Drafting
Whether a non-compete agreement or a commercial real estate sales agreement (and every other imaginable kind of business contract), attorney Kelvin Birk is adept at drafting air-tight contracts that protect your business interests.

Contract Review
If you’re being offered a contract by a contractor, supplier or commercial Realtor, it’s always best to have an attorney review it before signing. You want to avoid vague language, mistakes, and clauses that could leave your business at risk. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure where contracts are concerned.

Breach of Contract
Most business owners hope they never have to deal with a breach of contract situation. But sometimes these things happen. When they do, you want to make sure you have a wise and experienced Cape Girardeau contract lawyer on your side. If you have a supplier or customer who breaches a contract with your company, we can negotiate or litigate the case to compel performance or collect damages.

Contract Negotiation

If you are striking a unique agreement with another business or party, you want a strong negotiator on your side. Attorney Kelvin Birk is highly skilled at negotiating one-on-one with third parties, making sure his clients’ interests are firmly represented.

Contract Litigation
If your business is sued by another party alleging that you failed to meet the terms of a contract you were party to, attorney Kelvin Birk is poised to aggressively defend you in court.

Important Elements of a Contract

Our attorneys are extremely detail-oriented and thorough.

A Cape Girardeau contract attorney at Birk Law Firm will survey every important element of a contract. Nothing will be overlooked. Our job is to protect our clients’ business interests and leverage every advantage in their favor when we do contract work. Some contract elements we pay close attention to are:

  • Enforceability
  • Dollar amounts
  • Performance dates
  • Arbitration clause
  • Force majeure clause
  • Company names and addresses
  • References to relevant laws and regulations
  • Fees and penalties
  • Licensing where necessary
  • Clear offer and acceptance.

These are just a few of many aspects of reviewing and drafting contract agreements. We are very detail-oriented and thorough in our legal work because we know your business is relying on our professionalism and skill.

A Special Word about Real Estate Contracts …

It would be nice if every real estate deal was the same, manageable with a cookie-cutter solution. But that simply isn’t the case. Most real estate attorneys know that each case is different, requiring a unique approach and flexible negotiating skills. Our representation of real estate clients ranges from routine transactions to specialties such as IRC 1031 tax-free exchanges. At Birk Law Firm, we always keep our client’s ultimate goal in mind and work hard to achieve successful outcomes. Whether you’re a real estate developer, landlord, financier, general contractor, bank or title company, we are skilled at bringing all parties to the table to reach win-win solutions through contracts. We are collaborative when it makes sense, and we can get tough when the situation requires it.

The purchase or sale of real estate should always include a written contract to safeguard you or your company. A high-quality, meticulously written real estate contract can prevent misunderstandings and help avoid hostile litigation in the future. Our firm has drafted many real estate contracts on behalf of clients. We also handle real estate litigation and disputes. We can argue aggressively and persuasively on your behalf if a real estate transaction winds up in court, whether you are suing someone else or you’re being sued yourself. In this geographic area, easement disputes arise frequently, especially on farms and other rural real estate. Attorney Kelvin Birk skillfully represents farmers and other large landowners.

A Business Contract Lawyer Can Help Avoid Problems Before They Happen

Contract clarity issues can arise and create impediments.

A Cape Girardeau business attorney knows how to spot common contract clarity issues that can cause problems later. These include a lack of contract scope, price protection, payment processes, term penalties, delivery schedules, compliance boundaries and more. For example, businesses can experience unexpected price hikes, only to discover that their contracts contain no price protection terms or clauses. In another example, a contract may not clearly define delivery schedules so when deliveries fall behind or don’t show up, it can be difficult to hold the other party accountable.

These types of protections can be overlooked in the heat of doing business and the desire to get things done. But the “fine print” in contracts is where the rubber meets the road, and that’s what you pay an attorney to stay on top of. Kelvin Birk is deeply skilled in the area of Missouri contract laws, and he is familiar with the myriad of state statutes that can affect your business and its contracts.

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Cape Girardeau contract lawyer Kelvin Birk understands the pressures business owners are under. He can draft or review contracts that enhance your business and give you a competitive edge. The agreements you sign can be one less thing you have to worry about, because you’ll know that a smart and experienced lawyer and CPA has written and/or reviewed them. Kelvin Birk has more than 30 years of experience in accounting, tax, and business consulting, and more than 20 years of experience in numerous legal matters. We work closely with our clients to take the burden off you by handling all your business legal needs. We are here to provide support and guidance.

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